Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Random Wednesday!

Today started out pretty normal. I woke up WAY early bc I couldn't sleep, which is very typical these days. I feel like I have a lot more energy lately, I just need to channel that energy into something productive.

So I was sitting at work, sending out some postcards when Jonathon called me. Nothing too strange bc it was almost lunch time and he usually calls to find out what I'm craving for lunch. He tells me that he has some crazy news. I automatically assume that it's work related but it's totally not.

He tells me that the realtor that sold us our house called him this morning and an old owner would like to buy our house. She didn't give any $$ numbers but she did say that we would be making a profit. So then my brain went into overdrive! We have been thinking about moving a LOT lately!

When we bought our house, we got the IRS First Time Buyers Tax Credit, which was $8,000. That definitely came in handy when buying furniture and appliances for the house. But there was a condition with the credit: you must live in the house for 3 years or you have to pay it all back. So that was the stinker! We have now lived in our house for 2 years and only have a year left, so we just figured that we would tough it out. But now, it might just be possible to find a bigger better house in Ruston!

We do LOVE our house but it has 1 downfall: it's in Dubach, which is about a 15 minute drive to Ruston. It's not horrible but it does get very OLD!!! I can't just run home and grab something and I can't go home for lunch. And not to mention that I fill up on gas about every 5-6 days.

So random Wednesday it is! There might be a possible move in our future! SOO ready!!!


Jessica said...

Thanks! Yes, Adrienne put them in for me. And, yes, we do need to do dinner soon. I need to hear more about this house stuff!

Penny said...

Um...just saying...there's a lot of houses in our neighborhood for sale. =D

Flea said...

How awesome is that? That's crazy!