Tuesday, February 15, 2011

awesome valentines day!!!

I had the best Valentines Day ever yesterday! It started by Molly Belle waking me up with a big kiss..which makes any day great!!! I met Jonathon for lunch at Fox's Pizza and it was delicious! I had to go to work for a few hours after work but I did get a little shopping in.

So Jonathon really wanted these avacado green loafer shoes...which I made it my mission to find. Well I did not find the shoes anywhere...I even looked online! No such luck! So on my way to work Monday after lunch (One of the perks of being part time), I stopped at a men's clothing shop downtown. They did not have the green avacado shoes, but they were having a BIG sale on Sperry Top Sider shoes which are Jonathon's favorite. So I bought him not one, but two pair of shoes.

After work, I went to Super 1 to get super supplies. I made lasagna and it was the best I've ever made! I also got an apple pie and some ice cream...also delicious!!!

We had a great evening! Jonathon's brother came over and we all watched Valentines Day. Good movie!

And to top it off, Jonathon got me a massage and pedicure from Amberly's for V-Day! He's the BEST!!!

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