Thursday, July 30, 2009

hmm it's getting closer...

Went to the doctor today and the nurse said, "I just want you to realize that since you're 35 weeks, you can go into labor at any time now." Just a little bit freaky to think about. But it got me thinking...I have a LOT to do before baby can come!!! Just a few things on my list:

1. Finish sewing curtains for nursery
2. Put crib together (Yah I know we should have done that a LONG time ago)
3. Pack hospital bag (Just in case)
4. Start getting stuff together at work for when I'm not there :) YAY!!!
5. I'm sure there are 50 other things that I can put on this list...but I'm gonna stop here bc I don't want to stress myself out!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

all is well with baby Murphy!!!

Everything's going great with baby and me! I'm feeling fine...just tired all the time. We're almost finished with the nursery...I know we're starting a lil late. Will post pictures as soon as I take them! Just over 5 weeks left...CRAZINESS!!! Where did the time go?

Went to the doctor last week and Molly was 5 she's growing fine. Go back to doctor this week..I think it's gonna be a quick in-and-out visit. Hopefully's everything's growing and doing like it should. Can't wait to get another ultrasound pic!!!