Sunday, October 9, 2011


It has been a CRAZY week! Probably the craziest of my life! I have laughed and cried harder than ever. My heart has felt full and loved and then empty and broken.

Last Tuesday Fletcher woke up and was very fussy. He seemed like he couldn't get comfy and my Mommy instincts kicked  in. I took his temp and it was 100.3. The pediatritian told us that 100.4 was a fever in a I called her office to see what if anything we sould do. She told us to take him to the emergency room. She told us that we would probably be staying a few days so I should pack a bag. I hung up the phone and my heart broke. I just held my baby and cried. Jonathon ran home from work and helped me pack. We rushed up the the hospital and the tests began. They drew blood, put a cathater in him for a urine sample, took a chest xray, swabbed him for a flu test and an rsv test. It was hard to watch. The Lord provided an Awesome ER doctor. All of his tests came back clear  so they gave him a round of antibiotics in an IV and sent us home (8 hours later).

We got home and Fletcher seemed back to normal. He was eating and sleeping and back to his normal self. So we hung out the next few days and he was fine. He never got a fever again or got fussy. I thought everything was great!

Friday morning we had a followup appointment with his pediatritian. She said she looked over his tests and there was a bacterial infection in his blood but that the round of antibiotics probably got rid of it. She was upset thar the ER doctor didn't do a spinal tap on Fletcher (I was not upset at all bc I was a little scared of it). SHe said that he looked good and was going to give him some antibiotics for him to take for a week just to be sure. So we left her office and thought everything was great.

We went to lunch and went back home to take a nap. I noticed that I had a missed call so I checked my voicemail and it was the doctors office. They wanted me to call them back immediately. So I called and talked to the doctor. She said that she was uneasy about letting us go home and she really wanted Fletcher to have a spinal tap. She said that we needed to go back to the ER to get a spinal tap and that we would be staying for a week so Fletch could get antibiotics in an IV. I started crying on the phone with her. I was upset and confused and scared! I didn't understand why we needed to go back to the hospital. Fletcher was fine and back to normal.

I called my parents and told them what was going on...and they were in the car in about 15 minutes. I called my sister and she said she would come up for the week to help. I just sat and cried. It felt like God was just giving me a big hug and telling me that it was going to be ok. I have the BEST family. They are so loving and supportive. So after a few minutes of crying, we packed up everything I would need for the next week and headed back to the ER. And the tests began...again. This time they had to do a spinal tap.

They had to move us to the PICU in Monroe. I cried. I didn't want to be so far away from Molly and Jonathon. When we got to Monroe, they did more tests...and another spinal tap. All of his tests came back clear, but we still had to stay the week to make sure the infection was gone.

It was a loooong week in the hospital. It was hard being there at night by myself...especially for the 4am feedings!  It was hard being away from Molly. It was hard not being able to leave the room. It was lonely. But the Lord provided! He gave me the BEST nurses. My sister came up every day to hang out with me. Jonathon came up every night to bring me supper. And Jonathon's mom came up one day to sit with Fletcher so Jonathon and I could go out to eat.

This was probably one of the hardest and lonliest times of my life, but it was also a time when I felt most loved!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New addition

Fletcher is now a week old! He is such a sweet baby! Everything has been going great with him so far. I had a pretty easy delivery too.

I was having contractions for about a week and they were strong but not consistent. There were a few times that I was ready to head to the hospital but then my contractions slacked off.

I went to my doctors appointment last Wednesday and he checked me. I was 2 cm dilated and very thinned out. He told me that if I wanted to, he would put me in to be induced that night. Before that day, I would have told you that i was totally against being induced. But I was ready to have a baby!

I left his office and did some last minute shopping.  I was excited and nervous and freaking out a little! I called my parents and they were on the road within a few minutes. 

Jonathon, my mom, and I headed to the hospital at midnight.  I walked into the delivery room and met my nurse. Turns out she was my mom's college buddy. So they chit chatted all night while I was on the pitocin. I did get a few little naps here and there. My doctor came in at 9am and broke my water. Then I got the best epidural ever! My entire family and Jonathon's family and several of my friends came to hang out (wouldn't recommend this). At about 2:30 I was feeling some pressure and the nurse came and checked me. I was fully dilated and ready to push!

The nurse got me all ready to start pushing and called the doctor. I pushed one time before he got there and the nurse said she could see the baby's head and that he had a lot of hair! The doctor came in and sat down and delivered the baby. It was so much quicker than with Molly. I pushed 3 or 4 times and we had our baby! He was perfect! 7 pounds 4 ounces and 20 inches long.

Having another baby was sooo cool for me. Everything happened so much faster and my body healed faster too! And I had the best doctor and the best nurses. If Jonathon and I were millionaires, I would love to have 4 or 5 kids!

Fletcher has been the best little baby! It's been more difficult with molly who wants to climb on mommy and poke her little brother in the head. But it's so much fun having 2 babies! I love our growing family!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

justa waiting!

I am 38 weeks pregnant....Molly was born at 38 weeks...therefore I am ready to have Fletcher sooon if not today! :) My body hurts, the nursery is ready (sorry I havent taken any pics), the hospital bags are packed, the baby clothes are washed and in the drawers, the carseat is in the trunk, all of my work is done, the house is just waiting. It's SOO hard to be patient! Part of me thinks that since I have everything so ready, Fletcher is going to come late.

Molly is ready to meet her little brother (She calls him Pletcher or Pletch). It's really cute! She's been practicing with her baby dolls. She feeds them bottles and tucks them in bed at night and says night night prayers with them. We've told her that we're going to go to the doctor and get baby Fletcher soon, so every morning she says, "Mommy are you going to the doctor today to get Fletcher?"

I'm ready to see what he's going to look like. I'm ready to hold a tiny baby. I'm ready to love and kiss and squeeze him tight! I'm ready to be home with our big family!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Swimming with Molly

Since we'll be having a new addition to our family in the next month, I've been spending as much time with Molly as I can.

This morning we took a trip to Hobby Lobby. They were having some great sales...dangerous! We bought about 8 canvases (they were 30% off) and a bunch of paint. Jonathon and I are going to decorate molly and fletcher's rooms. Can't wait to get started!

After molly and I ate lunch at Dowlings, we came home. Molly decided that she wanted to swim. We have a tiny inflatable pool from last summer, and she loved it!

Now it's nap time.  I love our mommy/ daughter days together!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

things you don't say to a pregnant woman...

Last time I was pregnant, I didn't experience this as much. But now that I'm pregnant again, I've come into contact with a few people that have no filters. I know they're not being mean or rude, they just don't think before they say these things. Here are the top few things that I've heard:

1. "Wow, are you sure you're not having twins." (Coworker)
2. "Man, you sure look like you're about to pop." (Different Coworker)
3. "Aren't you so cute and lumpy." (An old lady who teaches one of our children's Sunday School classes)
4."Well you sure have blossomed." (Church member)
5. *This is probably my favorite. I was talking to that same Sunday School teacher about moving into our new house and she said: "Keri, please don't make Jonathon carry you over the threshold. "

Fun times! It really didn't make me mad, I just laughed. Bc really, what can you say to them. But if you ever have the urge to say one of these things to a pregnant woman, please don't. :)