Friday, February 25, 2011


So I was sitting at my desk with my Pandora playing. It was on a random radio station. I have a habit of liking songs that have a really catchy melody without even knowing the lytics. So I decided to google a few song lyrics. Shocking...and I'm not talking about cuss words or sexual inuindo. I'm talking about people who truely lost and searching for something. Here are a few lyrics I saw:

"Just prayed to a god that I don't believe in."

"I believe in nothing; not in sin and not in God."

And these are popular songs on the radio!That's just crazy to me!

Jonathon and I have been praying a lot lately about where God is calling us. Right now I have an incredibly job as a children's minister at an amazing church. But we have always felt led to missions. So we're praying that in maybe the next 5 years God would prepare us to go somewhere. I don't know if it's overseas or here in North America...bc just listening to those lyrics today made me realize just how many people here are lost and searching for the truth. I makes me truely feel blessed that I have a job where I have the opportunity to share Jesus with our children every week!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

not so hot!

Today I have set a record for throwing up. Yucky!!!

It started this morning. I ate a bagel and was fine. I was hungry a little later on the way to work so I poured a bowl of lucky charms to take with me. I got to the end of the street, took a bite of cereal, and knew it was over. I put the car in park, opened the door, poured out the cereal on the street, and then up came my bagel in my cereal bowl. I thought I was done...wrong!!!

I got to work and felt much better. I took the elevator up to the 3rd floor and felt a little jolt in my tummy. I walked in our staff meeting long enough to set my stuff down and went straight to the bathroom. I think I threw up the other half of my bagel. So I felt a lot better and sat through staff meeting.

So we went to lunch as a staff. I stepped out of the car at Ronin Habachi (one of my fav's) and felt it coming. So I headed straight to the bathroom. I have never experienced throwing up my mouth before...until today. I held it in until the bathroom and then I threw up some bagel remnents. Then I ate my habachi meal.

That's it so far. But 3 times in a morning is definitely a record for me!!!

PS..sorry if this is really gross!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

love the spring!

So yesterday was a GORGEOUS Sunday afternoon! We came home from church, put Molly down for a nap, and went straight outside. We walked around the yard and started listing our Spring projects. It's a pretty good list but at the top of the list: Deck or patio!

We're still not sure which to do. We have a huge backyard but need a nice space to grill and eat outside.  We just can't decide which to put in. A deck would be more upfront labor (for Jonathon) but pretty low maintenance. A patio would be pretty easy to do but with a patio comes more flower beds. Hmmm. So what did we do....went to Lowe's! Don't tell my parents but I have grown to LOVE Lowe's. We were forced to go as children for what felt like hours and hours of torture. But it's totally different when you have your own house and lots of projects.

Jonathon and I are both off this Thursday so there will be some serious yard work going on! Will post pics of final product!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

awesome valentines day!!!

I had the best Valentines Day ever yesterday! It started by Molly Belle waking me up with a big kiss..which makes any day great!!! I met Jonathon for lunch at Fox's Pizza and it was delicious! I had to go to work for a few hours after work but I did get a little shopping in.

So Jonathon really wanted these avacado green loafer shoes...which I made it my mission to find. Well I did not find the shoes anywhere...I even looked online! No such luck! So on my way to work Monday after lunch (One of the perks of being part time), I stopped at a men's clothing shop downtown. They did not have the green avacado shoes, but they were having a BIG sale on Sperry Top Sider shoes which are Jonathon's favorite. So I bought him not one, but two pair of shoes.

After work, I went to Super 1 to get super supplies. I made lasagna and it was the best I've ever made! I also got an apple pie and some ice cream...also delicious!!!

We had a great evening! Jonathon's brother came over and we all watched Valentines Day. Good movie!

And to top it off, Jonathon got me a massage and pedicure from Amberly's for V-Day! He's the BEST!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

crazy dreaming!

I have the weirdest pregnancy dreams!!! I remember having them with Molly...but they have been extra crazy lately. They're much more vivid than regular dreams. Here are the 3 craziest of the week:

1. I dreamed that I was at Brett Favre's house. I was just hanging out with him and his family. And his kids were being held captive in the basement by Brett's crazy mother. I promise I didn't make this up! Real dream!

2. A few nights ago I dreamed that I went to work in just my panties.

3. Last night I dreamed that I went to my grandpa's house and he had fallen out of his chair and couldn't get up. I couldn't find my keys so I had to go back to my house and get them. So I got the keys and went to help Grandpa. I helped him up off the floor and he couldn't remember what happened. This is extra crazy bc my grandpa died about 10 years ago.

That's all I have for now. I'll update if they get crazier!

Monday, February 7, 2011

feeling really pregnant sometimes!

It's been a queasy kind of week. I haven't lost my breakfast in a little while, but that yucky feeling seems to linger in my tummy! Pretzels and crackers help a little, but I'm ready for that second trimester with no queasiness!!!

Last Wednesday, I dressed Molly in her Big Sister shirt for church. And it was a hit! She is going to be such a good big sister! She started kissing my belly and saying baby while pointing to my tummy. She really is the cutest baby!!!

Just to brag a little more on Molly: She has started telling me when she's about to go poopoo. We havent officially started potty training, but I don't think it will be too much longer! Can't wait!

Going to the doctor this Thursday!!! SOOOO Excited!!! Hopefully he'll do an ultrasound so we can see our little jellybean!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

and so it begins...

Well I thought I was doing good this pregnancy, but this morning was another story! I woke up and had a yucky feeling. I knew what was coming but was hoping that I could eat a bagel really quick and it would settle my tummy. WRONG!!! Shortly after finishing my bagel, it came back up to see me. Sad day!!!

But on the up-side, I told everyone at work today about baby and they were SUPER excited! I'm glad I work at such an awesome church!

Countdown: I go to the doctor in 9 days!!! Whoo Hoo!!! Ready to see the little jellybean!

p.s. today was such a productive day at work. I registered our kids for camp in july, ordered my vbs kit, planned our 5th/6th grade misison trip, and finished planning our 1st Friday event! WHOOPIE!!!