Saturday, August 13, 2011

Swimming with Molly

Since we'll be having a new addition to our family in the next month, I've been spending as much time with Molly as I can.

This morning we took a trip to Hobby Lobby. They were having some great sales...dangerous! We bought about 8 canvases (they were 30% off) and a bunch of paint. Jonathon and I are going to decorate molly and fletcher's rooms. Can't wait to get started!

After molly and I ate lunch at Dowlings, we came home. Molly decided that she wanted to swim. We have a tiny inflatable pool from last summer, and she loved it!

Now it's nap time.  I love our mommy/ daughter days together!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

things you don't say to a pregnant woman...

Last time I was pregnant, I didn't experience this as much. But now that I'm pregnant again, I've come into contact with a few people that have no filters. I know they're not being mean or rude, they just don't think before they say these things. Here are the top few things that I've heard:

1. "Wow, are you sure you're not having twins." (Coworker)
2. "Man, you sure look like you're about to pop." (Different Coworker)
3. "Aren't you so cute and lumpy." (An old lady who teaches one of our children's Sunday School classes)
4."Well you sure have blossomed." (Church member)
5. *This is probably my favorite. I was talking to that same Sunday School teacher about moving into our new house and she said: "Keri, please don't make Jonathon carry you over the threshold. "

Fun times! It really didn't make me mad, I just laughed. Bc really, what can you say to them. But if you ever have the urge to say one of these things to a pregnant woman, please don't. :)