Wednesday, September 7, 2011

justa waiting!

I am 38 weeks pregnant....Molly was born at 38 weeks...therefore I am ready to have Fletcher sooon if not today! :) My body hurts, the nursery is ready (sorry I havent taken any pics), the hospital bags are packed, the baby clothes are washed and in the drawers, the carseat is in the trunk, all of my work is done, the house is just waiting. It's SOO hard to be patient! Part of me thinks that since I have everything so ready, Fletcher is going to come late.

Molly is ready to meet her little brother (She calls him Pletcher or Pletch). It's really cute! She's been practicing with her baby dolls. She feeds them bottles and tucks them in bed at night and says night night prayers with them. We've told her that we're going to go to the doctor and get baby Fletcher soon, so every morning she says, "Mommy are you going to the doctor today to get Fletcher?"

I'm ready to see what he's going to look like. I'm ready to hold a tiny baby. I'm ready to love and kiss and squeeze him tight! I'm ready to be home with our big family!

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misti said...

Good luck! Hope everything goes great!