Monday, September 21, 2009

Scariest night of my life

So I'm finally able to put into words what happened last Wednesday night. Here goes:

Jonathon went to bed a lil early while I was finishing feeding Molly. She was almost asleep when I heard the most horrific sound coming from our bedroom. My heart stopped! I sat Molly down in her bouncy seat and ran into the room. Jonathon was on the bed convulsing and having a seizure. I ran to him and tried to see if he was ok. He was breathing but not responsive. He's type 1 diabetic (he takes shots everyday to keep his glucose levels stable) so I knew that his sugar was too low. He has a special shot to use if he's passed out or having seizures but I couldn't find it. So I ran into the kitchen to grab a coke to try and bring up his sugar. When I got back into the room, Jonathon had fallen off the bed and gashed his forehead. He was still convulsing on the floor. Normally you're not supposed to give someone having seizures food or drink, but I knew he needed sugar. So I just started pouring coke down his throat. His eyes were rolled back into his head and he wasn't responding to anything I said to him. I ran and grabbed my phone to call 911. The dispatcher asked me what his glucose level was and I tried to check it but his level was too low to register. He told me the ambulance was on the way. I just kept trying to get Jonathon to drink Coke. He eventually stopped convulsing but was still pretty out of it. He would nod that he knew who I was, but he still couldn't talk or answer any other questions.

I called our friend who lives 2 houses down. He came over and kept me sane until the ambulance got there. Eventually the ambulance came and the guys checked out Jonathon. They decided that he didn't need stitches on his head. They also wanted to sit with him for a little while to make sure he was getting better. Jonathon gradually starting knowing who we were and where he was. He was still loopy. The paramedics said he was gonna be ok and left.

Jonathon didn't remember anything that happened. He was just really sleepy. So he slept in my lap and I stayed up all night and watched him sleep.

I'm still a lil freaked out and I get jumpy when I hear loud or random noises. But I'm glad he's ok. We went to his endocrinologist (diabetes doctor) and he said Jonathon was ok he just needed to be extra careful with his sugar levels at night.

Pretty much the scariest night of my life. I'm just glad that I was there and knew what to do to bring his sugar levels back up. And now I know what to do if this ever happens again. And somehow Molly slept through the whole thing. Definitely a God thing!!!

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